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Name: Julienne Emmanuelle Datu
Name: Julienne Emmanuelle Datu
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The stress, bow.
Sunday, June 20, 2010, 2:08 AM

A stressful-but-not-really week passed and I hope this coming week won't be. I mean, like no cramming and on-the-spot performing and all. Keep your fingers crossed!

On our second week as Juniors, it's like we've been there for months already! Too many assigned performances to practice on, especially. But we could survive. We're St. Catherine! Haaa!

Anyway, to wrap it all up, it's been a tiring week and.. and.. I can't think of anything to post right now. Too tired, too tired. I've been helping my sister with her schoolworks lately, and I have to do mine, too. So I guess I'll be having a short hiatus for a while.

Bye now! Be happy.

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III-St. Catherine :D
Thursday, June 10, 2010, 7:19 PM

It's June and classes are becoming more and more.. well, stressful. Hahaha. I'm blogging again, since I have nothing to do this 4-day weekend. Any ideas? haha.

Okay, so I'm not feeling real well today. It's a good thing we didn't have our classes today. Awoo! HAHA, I've been busy sleeping all day and upto now, I'm still tired. Anyway, lemme narrate to you how'd the first week of school go.

4:30am I was awake. Ayi, masyadong excited. haha! I woke my Mom and Dad up so they could help us be ready for school. We did this and that, then headed to H A U. Gaaawwd, too many people! I was really shocked because there literally is too many people. Almost all of them we're unknown to my eyes. Then we went in. Justine is now a freshmen. She asked many many questions about high school. I answered them naman. Then I read my schedule: 7:00-8:00am, IHM107, HSMAPEH3. So, yeah. A long trip to the gym. Luckily, my friends, who are fortunate enough to be my classmate (HA!), we're waiting for me. Then we headed to the gym. I saw old friends there, too.

7:00am, we met Mrs. Cojuangco, a not-too-strict MAPEH teacher. She was really kind, and we liked her. Orientation took place, about this and that and all those. Interesting, eh? Haha. 8:00-9:00am, GA104, HSTLE3. We waited for our teacher to arrive before entering the room. When he arrived, he looked like he was really strict, but then he's just the opposite. Mr. Yumul was so funny, he even forgot to introduce himself, I guess. Haha, then he told us we'll meet him the day after at APSA401. I was like, WHUT?? I mean, It's a loooong walk up there. Then I remember my ex-classmates' rooms, and even Kevin's. It was on the 4th floor. So yeah, I'm good. Hihi.

RECESS~!! We went upstairs since I wanted to see my classmates. I'm really happy to see them. I even went to APS401 after that. There he was. He just came out of their room and waved like this and smiled. You know what happened then. Wee~

9:20am, AP time. I was happy to see Sir Idol in our room. HA! He's such a funny and cool teacher. He substituted Mrs. Santos in the past year when she filed her leave. We wrote on a piece of paper and all, then he was joking around. Ayi! 10:20am, Mr. Bustos was there, waiting. First impression, strict? Then my classmates were happy when they found out it was him. I guess he'll be a good teacher after all, which was proven true! We're all laughing hard as he oriented us.

Lunch time- WATDAHEK?!! The canteen was really full! There were lots of freshmen there. Even sophies and juniors, but the freshmen over-threw them. Gawwshh. Anyway, we ate lunch and I chatted with Kevin then. We even introduced our FilAm classmate to him and the others. She was really friendly and fun to be with. I like her. Wahaha! But not in a romantic way. You know what I mean. Hahaha!

The last three subjects were the ones I myself didn't enjoy. These were our major subjects but I found them really boring. Anyway, I met my teachers: English, Mrs. Jeanette David; Science, Mrs. Exequila Olaer; and Math, Mrs. Dakis. They were all great, and really friendly. They oriented us, as usual, and in one subject, we played some sort of game or something. Haha, then we didn't have our last subject since it's Monday and no Filipino subject for that day. But the next day, we met Ma'am Pat, who only gave her full name to us, St. Catherine, since she lost her ID. haha! Her full name's Mrs. Patrionicio M. Dizon-Mariñas, for those who are asking. HAHA. Then Kevin took us home, as well as the 2nd day.

I won't narrate the 2nd and 3rd day since it was all the same, but a little of the 4th one. The only difference is that we had a orientation for the whole 3rd year department. We met our new principal, Mrs. Merce Gamboa, as well as the teachers. And Ma'am Nalus, who is a great adviser of ours, became a discipline coordinator! Yey! Then we went home and Kevin went with me and all. The end. haha!

So that's all for today. If there's another special occasion, I'll be blogging it again. See'ya!


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